Report: Paul Heyman Advocating Samoa Joe as the Next Universal Champion

— According to a report by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Paul Heyman’s reference on Raw of Brock Lesnar leaving WWE if he loses the Universal title at SummerSlam is the company’s way of giving Lesnar time off should he decide to start training again for a return to UFC.

— Barrasso went on to add that “Paul Heyman is advocating behind-the-scenes for Samoa Joe to win the title”, but he also mentions a possibility of Baron Corbin cashing in his “non-specific” Money in the Bank contract. This last bit is a bit questionable as our sources have indicated that the Money in the Bank contract that Corbin holds will only be cashed in for the WWE title on Smackdown and there are no plans to have the contract extend to any Raw titles.

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