Report: More on What WWE's Historic Announcement on Monday Could Be

— As noted earlier today, WWE is promoting a major and historic announcement this Monday by Stephanie McMahon, likely to kick off the show. According to sources, it is 100% related to the women’s talent and could possibly be several ground breaking announcements rather than just one.

— The most popular idea is that Stephanie will announce that a women’s PPV will be taking place sometime in September in Uniondale, NY. Coupled with that idea, there are also reports that WWE will changing/introducing/modifying some of their women’s titles, potentially:

  • New tag team women’s titles – these belts have been rumored for several months and were supposed to be launching right around SummerSlam, so this would make sense.
  • Combining/unifying the Raw & Smackdown women’s title into one with the winner competing and defending the brands on both shows.
  • Launch of a Women’s second-tier, Intercontinental type title. This would in essence keep two singles titles active for the female talent.
  • A tournament of some sort to take place at the aforementioned PPV to crown either the new tag team champions, the new Intercontinental champion, or both.

— It should be noted that all of this is strictly hearsay at the moment and WWE has declined any comment.

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