Raw Preview: Oct 30, 2017: How Will Raw Respond to #UnderSiege?

After the Raw brand suffered an all-out onslaught, courtesy of Commissioner Shane McMahon and the SmackDown roster, the WWE Universe is chomping at the bit to know what will happen next. WWE.com has some thoughts as Raw and SmackDown prepare to battle for brand supremacy at Survivor Series. 
How will Raw respond to #UnderSiege?
Last week, Commissioner Shane McMahon and the Superstars of SmackDown launched a brutal surprise ransacking that brought Raw completely under siege. But how will Team Red respond?

Even though SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan had security on full alert for any retribution Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE, Raw didn’t answer back with a retaliatory strike. How and when will Raw’s response take place? Will a counter-assault happen at all? What is the current the state of mind of the Raw Superstars? Plus, considering that Raw didn’t respond swiftly with a raid of its own on SmackDown LIVE, would Shane dare to attempt a second onslaught on Monday Night Raw this week? 
Who will join the Raw Men and Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Teams?
Just prior to Raw being put under siege, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle was just about to name Team Red combatants in the Men’s Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match for the Nov. 19 pay-per-view. Earlier in the night, Alicia Fox stunned the WWE Universe when she overcame Bayley and Sasha Banks in a Triple Threat Match to become the captain and first official participant in the Women’s Survivor Series Match.
After the turbulent events that closed out last week’s Monday Night Raw, will Angle decide to reevaluate how he selects the remaining members of his teams? Or will the confident GM simply pick up right where he left off and stay the course?

Will the current Raw titleholders still be in place for their Champion vs. Champion Matches at Survivor Series?
Last Monday, Angle announced a slew of Champion vs. Champion Matches for the Raw vs. SmackDown battle for brand supremacy, but will the titleholders be able to hold on to their championships long enough to defend them on Sunday, Nov. 19?
Though anything can happen in WWE, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman seem fairly focused on WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, so perhaps The Beast is secure for the time being. But, that same cannot be said for all other Raw titleholders.

Alexa Bliss has consistently represented Team Red as a formidable Raw Women’s Champion, but her attempts to brag about her successful title defense against Mickie James at WWE TLC were spoiled by the six-time Women’s Champion, who took out Little Miss Bliss with a wicked DDT last week on the red brand. Without a doubt, Mickie isn’t done with the “goddess.” Additionally, the undefeated Asuka triumphed over Emma in her Raw debut, and it likely won’t be long before The Empress of Tomorrow sets her sights of Raw’s top prize. 
In his collective reigns, The Miz has held the Intercontinental Title longer than all but two past Superstars, but can The A-Lister remain champion if he continues to antagonize dangerous forces such as Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and The Shield in his never-ending search for respect? 
Speaking of The Shield, Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose are not likely to back down from any fight prior to Survivor Series.
Will Elias still be singing a new tune?
In the middle of his WWE TLC rematch against Jason Jordan last week on Monday Night Raw, Elias introduced his guitar into the contest and knocked the “gold-blooded” Superstar into next week.
Well, now that we are reaching next week, will Jordan be on hand to play his own rendition of “Painful Payback” at his adversary’s expense?
Who will be next to dare to step up to Kane?
At WWE TLC, Kane took out his own teammate, Braun Strowman, after savagely attacking The Gift of Destruction from behind. The Devil’s Favorite Demon then returned to Monday Night Raw last week to make it clear that he was the only Monster that matters in WWE. Though it has been reported that Strowman will be out for weeks or perhaps even months after being thrown into a garbage truck by his own team at the pay-per-view, The Big Red Machine is looking for competition. After taking care of Finn Bálor in brutal fashion, who will be next?
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Source: WWE.com