PSG’s Kheira Hamraoui initiates legal proceedings for defamation and mental harassment

L’Équipe report this evening that Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Kheira Hamraoui has filed legal complaints for defamation, psychological bullying, and “spreading of fake news, threats and public insult”.

Hamraoui was the victim of an assault as she was pulled out of a car and hit with iron bars at the start of November. 

The first formal complaint is against a blogger named “Marc Blata” for reportedly reacting on Snapchat to audio recordings said to be of Hamraoui, and allegedly spreading lies about her. 

Another complaint is aimed at journalist Romain Molina for alleged “mental harassment” and “publication with a view towards influencing jurisdictional decisions”. This relates to a video uploaded to Molina’s YouTube channel covering the internal reaction at PSG to the attack and ensuing legal investigations, which Hamraoui’s lawyer claims to contain “numerous defamatory remarks and lies concerning Mrs Hamraoui, bringing about a wave of hateful comments on social media again”.

Hamraoui has also pressed charges against persons unknown for “threats and death threats”, in the same complaint her lawyer has referred to the Paris judiciary tribunal. A second complaint instituting civil proceedings has been brought against Marc “Blata” for “public defamation and public insult” as well as Romain Molina for “public defamation”.

In a statement, Hamraoui’s lawyer Saïd Harir notably stated that “this media agitation around Mrs Kheira Hamraoui’s private life serves, above all, the interests of the assailants and their accomplices”.

Molina himself has reacted on Twitter to the news in an ironic tone: “A bit further and [they would be saying] it’s me who would have really ordered the assault on Kheira Hamraoui!”



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