Pairing The Poker Players And Their Complementary Pro Wrestlers

Interesting parallels can be seen between professional wrestlers and the professional poker players as well as the two games that they play respectively. In both the games the competitors are worldwide popular and they require heading to the different grand venues for the games. In both the cases, the players have a larger than life fame that reigns till the end.
Here are the lists of the pro wrestling performers are the best complimentary for poker players. The time limit is not restricted to a certain timeframe now. 
Ric Flair and Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth is the Poker Bracelet Winner (13 times) in the Poker World Series. He also happens to be one of the finest tournament players of Hold’em. In making the final tables in World Series of Poker season he is so expert that out of his continual performance he has come up with 18 million dollars of earning.

His counterpart can be Ric Flair, who is called as the very best in professional wrestling. 16 world title reigns have been created by him and actually, the number is close to 30. 
Bruno Sammartino and Doyle Brunson
Both of these players of different field of sports are considered as the greatest of all time. Because of high expertise, Brunson earned his reputation as one of the most remembered Texas Road Gamblers. For playing high stake poker he was the one traveling from one end of the country to the other.

On the other hand, Doyle happens to be the poker champion who had earned his reputation in accomplishing in the tournaments. 10 Bracelets of WSOP had been won by Doyle within the time frame of 1976-77. His legend is shining even now.
Bruno Sammartino took a dominant role in the history of professional wrestling. The mat oriented style that he had, offered a great presentation with his personality. The modern style of wrestling was opened in his hands only

The Fabulous Moolah and Venessa Sebst
In the arena of female tournaments, the name of Venessa Selbst happens to be ever shining. Even a single look at the statistics clearly indicates the kind of achievement that she had. Among the women, she is considered to be an all-time winner in money. In the long history of live pokers she has literary set an example of perfection and because of her so many wins of bracelets. Even after her early retirement, her legacy could not be overridden.
On the other hand, her pro-wrestling counterpart is the Fabulous Moolah who is thought to be one of the most reputed and successful female wrestlers. Winning the NWA title straight 5 times and the Women’s title of WWE 4 times, she has literally set an example that was hard to break. 
Other Duos
Among the other two duos that should be mentioned, are John Cena and Daniel Negranu as well as Paul Heyman and Mike Matusow. Cena has become the first person to be so devoted to his career and thus became a very important figure to the company. On the other hand, Daniel Negreanu is the most prominent personalities of Pro poker. For the producers of professional poker he is a real goldmine.
The role of Paul Heyman is also prominent is WWE as he is considered to be one of best talkers. For captivating the audience he was always at his best.
On the other hand, Mike Matusow had the gift of gab. His charisma in the table of poker is truly unparallel.


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