NXT Superstar Suffers Injury At Thursday Night’s Live Event

NXT Superstar Raul Mendoza suffered what appears to be a knee injury this Thursday night at an NXT Live event in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mendoza was in the midst of a match with Jaxon Ryker of the Forgotten Sons faction, and after performing a move was seen clutching at his knee. The referee checked on him and reportedly threw up the “X” before abruptly calling for an end to the match.

While it’s unknown how severe the injury was, it’s worth noting that the 27-year-old Superstar was able to walk down the ramp after the match, with a bit of help from officials.

Mendoza first debuted with WWE in 2016 losing a match in the first round of the Cruiserweight Classic. He has been a solid enhancement talent for the NXT Live touring brand over the last few years, in that he can wrestle anyone, anywhere on the card and put on a good match. He’s also made a few appearances on NXT television, and actually picked up a win recently over Riddick Moss.

Earlier today we reported on NXT referee Tom Caster who suffered a brutal broken leg at the very same live event on Omaha last night.

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