Michael Cole’s Character, Jinder Mahal’s Potential, Marty Jannetty In Bad Shape

– Michael Cole’s heel character has been seriously toned down in recent weeks, which was the call of Vince McMahon. Vince reportedly goes back and forth about whether Cole should be a strong heel or a neutral “voice of WWE,” but it’s clear that he was pushed so strongly as a heel that it wouldn’t be credible for him to work as a babyface anytime soon.

– Marty Jannetty is said to be in bad physical shape these days, with the former WWE superstar needing surgery on both of his ankles.

– WWE officials feel that Jinder Mahal has the potential to be a top heel, which is part of the reason why he’s currently working a feud with Ryback. WWE is looking to strengthen it’s position in India and with the Great Khali’s career winding down, Mahal is seen as a big asset to the company.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer)