Lio Rush wins AAA Cruiserweight gold in MLW title vs. title match

Lio Rush won AAA gold in an interpromotional title vs. title match¬†on this week’s MLW Fusion.

In the main event of this week’s Fusion, the MLW Middleweight Championship and AAA Cruiserweight Championship were both on the line as Rush faced Laredo Kid. Rush defeated Laredo Kid to become a double champion,¬†retaining his MLW Middleweight Championship and winning the AAA Cruiserweight Championship.

Rush got the win after hitting a bounce-back stunner and the Final Hour frog splash.

Rush spoke backstage after his win and said the AAA Cruiserweight Championship belongs to him now and will stay with him. Rush said Laredo Kid stepped up to the plate, but he fell like everyone else who has stepped to The Man of the Hour. Rush said that when he steps into the ring and does everything he said he was going to do, people will have no choice but to call him the greatest cruiserweight, the greatest middleweight, and the greatest wrestler in the world.

Prior to losing the title to Rush, Laredo Kid had been AAA Cruiserweight Champion since February 2019.

Rush won the MLW Middleweight Championship from Myron Reed at Kings of Colosseum in January. Rush was making his MLW in-ring debut in that match. Rush vs. Laredo Kid was Rush’s second match for MLW.

MLW wrote that “AAA and MLW officials are already in discussions about a possible Rush/Laredo 2 title bout for the unified belts.”