Ligue 1 clubs reach agreement on CVC funds allocation

L’Équipe report that all 20 Ligue 1 clubs have reached an agreement on the allocation of the first instalment CVC Capital Partners’ investment in French football.

The investment fund is set to complete a €1.5bn deal for a 13% stake in a commercial entity managing French professional football’s sponsorship and broadcasting rights. The fee will be paid in three instalments over the next three years.

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€100m will be kept aside as financial reserves, while another €100m will go towards the management of the company. €170m will also be used to pay off the LFP’s loans straight away.

This leaves €1.13bn to share out, for which three groups of clubs have been set out. The first, consisting of only PSG, will be allocated 17% or €200m. Although this appears favourable for Les Parisiens, it is well below their initial 30% demands.

The second tier includes Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Rennes, Lille and Monaco. The first two will receive €90m, while the others will get €80m. The final group, consisting of the rest of the clubs, will receive €33m each.