Kevin Owens Update, Angle to Return Soon, News on Jason Sensation

— Former WWE performer Jason Sensation, who appeared on TV in the late 90s and became famous for his impersonations of the late Owen Hart, caused some chaos at Monday’s Raw due to his tweet shortly before the show began. Jason tweeted a message that he successfully was able to sneak a gun into the arena and was going to shoot himself, encouraging fans not to miss it.

— The local police and WWE were informed and upon investigating, it was found that Jason wasn’t even at the arena. He later tweeted again that his statements were meant as a joke (!?) but that he ended up being detained by police and hospitalized, likely to undergo a psychiatric assessment.

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— For those wondering, Kevin Owens “quitting” Raw last night is indeed part of a storyline even though has moved his profile over to the alumni section as part of the angle. In reality, Owens has recently re-signed a new contract with WWE and isn’t going anywhere.

— Kurt Angle was also reportedly backstage at the events in Toronto and is set to return to WWE TV imminently. As noted before, he is actually in training in preparation for a return to the ring, likely for a series of matches but not for a full-time return. The rumored program WWE has in mind for Angle is to see him return to wrestle Baron Corbin.