Kelly Kelly Talks The Growth Of Women’s Wrestling, Praises Ronda Rousey & Discusses Her Original Gimmick

Former WWE Superstar Kelly Kelly recently spoke with Fair Game about her WWE career and the growth of women’s wrestling since she retired.

On how she got into wrestling:

“I used to watch wrestling with my dad and that was our favorite thing to do together. I was just modeling and they approached me and asked if I wanted to try out to be a wrestler. When the opportunity came my mum was like, “go for it.” I’ve always wanted to do entertainment.”

On her original strip dancing gimmick:

“I had no rhythm, I wasn’t a dancer, I was an exhibitionist and my jealous boyfriend on the show would cover me up. My first night I debuted I didn’t tell my parents what I was doing and it goes live and all my family calls me and asks why I didn’t tell them. I said it won’t last forever and that it was to get my foot in the door and as time went on that gimmick ended.”

On how she became Kelly Kelly

“Vince McMahon gave me 15 names and I liked Kelly. (Barbie) was trademarked so I was bummed. The first week I went in they said we are going with Kelly, and then the second week they said they have changed it and it’s Kelly Kelly now. I know that it was from a Cheers episode.”

On the growth of women’s wrestling:

“To see how far women’s wrestling has come, I was strip teasing and to now the women have taken over and it is amazing to see where we are at. When they came back I said I wanted to be part of this.”

On Ronda Rousey in WWE:

“I think it is amazing and what she is doing for the sport is so huge. She has caught on so well, I can’t imagine going from UFC and real fighting to WWE when you have to hold back when you’ve been training your whole life to really beat someone up. She’s doing such a great job.”

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