Jim Ross On Why This Year Likely Won't Be Undertaker's Final WrestleMania Match

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently spoke with Raj Giri of WrestlingINC.com ahead of his New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) announcing debut on AXS TV in just under two weeks.

During the interview, as featured in the promotional preview clip above, Jim Ross spoke at length about the rumors and speculation regarding who WWE will be matching up The Undertaker with at WrestleMania 32 this year, and why he believes this year’s WrestleMania won’t be Undertaker’s final match at “The Show Of Shows.”

Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his belief that this year will not be The Undertaker’s final match at WrestleMania:

“I can’t believe Undertaker or WWE would want his last match promoted with a whisper, so I have no belief that this will be the Undertaker’s last match. Unless there’s a press conference held and something big is made of it. You can’t be a promoter and not promote Undertaker’s last match without much fanfare or being aggressive with that information. Guarantee someone will say Stone Cold did it at WrestleMania 19. He did, and in hindsight, it was a mistake.”

On the reaction on social media to him pointing out that Luke Harper could be an interesting choice for Undertaker’s opponent at WrestleMania 32:

“I thought that if you wanted Undertaker to have a good match, I suggested Luke Harper. I think Luke Harper would be fundamentally sound, have a good match, and have the threat of the Wyatts there. I mentioned that and got lambasted by a bunch of 14-year olds on Twitter saying ‘They had that match last November.’ Oh. Really? Startling news, a revolution. You’re a sage. They had the match in November? I’ll be damned. That kills that idea, because you certainly don’t want to have a match in April that you had in November.”

On Chris Jericho being another interesting potential WrestleMania opponent for “The Dead Man”:

“Someone who could have a good match with Undertaker would be Chris Jericho, for example. Jericho can bump, talk, will have a sound match. They’re strong enough alpha males that they’ll want to have a bigger presence on the show that many will expect to see.”

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