Isla Dawn Discusses Killian Dain Training Her, Enjoying The Traveling And WWE Being Her Main Goal

Isla Dawn was recently interviewed by the Scottish Sun where she spoke about SmackDown superstar, Killian Dain training her and more.

On Killian Dain training her:

“I was trained by Killian Dain who is in WWE now. He got me into wrestling in a weird way. I was acting and he scouted me. He thought I’d be good. I did kick-boxing and dancing so he said I could transfer my skills. During Cementville [a theatre production], he visited to make sure we were doing things properly. We bonded straight away and as soon as I fell into wrestling, I realized it was the perfect job for me. It had everything — showmanship, physicality, competition. It combined everything I’d done previously. It’s been a funny ride, but an amazing one.”

Enjoying the traveling:

“I started traveling as soon as I could. It was England then Amsterdam for a year going round mainland Europe. Then I went to America and Japan so I’ve been back and forth and Scotland hasn’t been a solid base for a while. I’ve done every job possible, mainly barista work, but I’ve been in shops, bars and pretty much everywhere else sustaining wrestling. But now, luckily, I’m able to do just this. The travel is the best thing because I’ve managed to wrestle in mainland Europe and seen that style and Japan and America are totally different styles.”

WWE being her main goal:

“There’s been a Scottish invasion which is nice because it’s all people I’ve trained and grown up with. People around the world are speaking highly of us and it shows UK wrestling as a whole is doing so well. Since I was a kid and wrestling in my back garden, WWE was the dream but it seemed like an impossible dream. The end goal is working with WWE so I want to do what I can and make my name and see where it goes.”

Source :

Scottish Sun

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