Elijah Burke Comments On His Ghosthunter Appearance On Sci-Fi

– ECW superstar Elijah Burke posted the following update on his MySpace.com page regarding in appearance on Ghosthunters on the Sci-Fi Network:

Sup family? Hope all had a happy halloween. As for the Black Pope, mine was pretty uneventful until I added a little “Experience” to it, If you get my grip. Last nite, I appeared on Sci-fi’s Ghost Hunter and had a very wonderful time with Jason, Grant, Steve and the whole crew. We filmed from Waverly Hills for 6 hours live! Now, im not one to walk around an abandoned/haunted building searching out ghosts, so it can get a little boring, but since I was there I tried to (within limitaions) liven it up as much as I could. Oh how I wanted to tell lyttle Timmy to “Walk Into The Light”! Lol

As you’ saw from the show, it became pretty uneventful at times…..But not with YOUR Black Pope!? You ever stop to wonder why most of all the “Activity” was happening around Me? (You might have to think about that one)

My calling is to Entertain YOU, my fans. Whether I’m on ECW, GhostHunters or The Price is Right, if the camera’s are rolling, I am On! So I hope I was able to add a little something special (The Bat, The touch on my back), especially for those who follow me weekly and to all of who wish to believe. And Remember, “SEEING IS BELIEVING!”

WE’VE GOT IT: Download Elijah’s Appearance On Ghosthunters Here (Screams Like A Girl) >