Daniel Bryan Blasts WWE & AJ Styles For Encouraging People To Eat Hot Dogs

WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan wasn’t pleased with WWE or his WWE Royal Rumble challenger, AJ Styles tonight during WWE SmackDown Live.

AJ Styles took to the concessions stand during tonight’s show to encourage the WWE Universe to eat hot dogs and buy merchandise because they have worked hard to pay for their ticket, which was pretty much the opposite message to what Bryan gave last week.

Bryan then attacked AJ Styles and the two men brawled, eventually leading to AJ putting Bryan through a table of hot dogs, getting covered from head to toe in mustard in the process.

The situation seemed to anger the WWE Champion who took to Twitter to share a heartfelt video about pig slaughter, stating “Shame on both AJ Styles and WWE for encouraging people to eat hot dogs.”

Bryan stated that pigs are smarter than dogs and that people would be up in arms if this treatment was happening to their pets. He then put the statement in an even simpler term with a cartoon featuring Piglet and Winnie The Pooh, with Piglet set to be slaughtered in order to get his message across.

Shame on both @AJStylesOrg and @Wwe for encouraging people to eat hotdogs. Pigs are smarter are smarter than dogs, yet you would all be up in arms if they did this to your pets. @peta2 pic.twitter.com/eex961MGmr

— Daniel Bryan (@WWEDanielBryan) January 16, 2019

If the previous video isn’t suitable for your children, show them this and then explain how hotdogs are made. pic.twitter.com/rkgTLO5svm

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— Daniel Bryan (@WWEDanielBryan) January 16, 2019