Cody Talks about his Shot at Triple H at Double or Nothing

One of the most buzzworthy moments from AEW Double Or Nothing came when Cody Rhodes, who some are now referring to as “The Throne Breaker”, took a sledgehammer to a throne clearly stylized after the ones Triple H often uses for his WrestleMania entrances. After the event, he was questioned by the media about the incident (h/t
He explained that he had literally dreamed about making the entrance, and noted that he actually liked Triple H’s entrances. Nonetheless, he wanted to send a message.
“Okay, so I had a literal dream about this type of entrance. I loved when Triple H came out at WrestleMania 30 and it was kinda like Shao Kahn and it was really cool. The throne kinda symbolized his reign and man, I wanna play ball. I know we don’t say competition but it stands for itself you know? And I also want people to know this role, this executive vice president role which I love and I’m excited about but I want to be a wrestler first and that’s great, we were able to do that tonight.”
He also praised Tony Khan’s ability to properly time out a show on his first go-round, noting that it usually takes an extremely long time within the business for anyone to have such a skill. This means deciding how long every segment needs to be, which is imperative with PPV time constraints. Cody would have perspective on this, as All In was previously criticized last year for having issues in regards to how the show was timed out.
“Tony Khan sat in gorilla and timed the show. That takes years how to learn. I mean Gerald Brisco, he was like the only guy that could do it for a long time. Tony did it tonight on his first try, so they don’t always need us there, in those executive roles.”
Cody went on to say that though he has a new role as EVP, he wants to focus on being a wrestler above all else for now.
“We were able to go out there and be wrestlers and that, more than anything, not so much a shot at Triple H, more a shot at I’m not ready to dive into that role and lean into it. I wanna be a wrestler first and foremost. I’m not done.”Click Here: welsh rugby jerseys