Chris Jericho Talks About His WWE Debut Being One Of The Best In RAW History

Chris Jericho recently spoke with the folks from The Cult Of Whatever to promote this coming Monday night’s WWE RAW 25th Anniversary special in New York.

During the interview, Jericho spoke about his own WWE debut, which took place on RAW in 2000, being one of the best in the history of the company.

“It was definitely one of the best debuts ever,” said Jericho. “I came up with the idea of the countdown clock and Vince McMahon came up with the idea of having the clock end right in the middle of Rocks promo. I think that is the biggest reaction I had ever got, a lot of people knew it was going to me but there were also a lot of people that didn’t have a clue.

Jericho continued, “It was a different world back then, the internet wasn’t like it is today, these days you would just go online and you can find things out right away but it wasn’t like that then.”

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