Chris Jericho On The Rock Running For U.S. President, WWE HOF Induction

Chris Jericho recently spoke with the folks at Aesthetic Magazine Toronto to promote his new book, “No Is A Four-Letter Word.” Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On who he would pick to induct him into the WWE Hall Of Fame and whether or not he would show up: “I don’t think about stuff like that, like I said. If it happens, I probably wouldn’t show up. I don’t like these big pomp and circumstance things like retirement matches, and everybody kissing your ass telling you how great you are, because I know how great I am, so I don’t need people telling me that. So, depending on what mood I’m in, I’ve always been the anti-star for that kind of thing anyways. But yeah, I’ll leave that to somebody else, but not me. I’ll show up, maybe, depends how I feel.”

On Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson possibly running for United States President in 2020: “I say he should go for it. Maybe I’ll become the first Prime Minister and President, where I’ll run Canada and the States together since I’m a dual citizen. You never know, I could make it happen.”

On his favorite WWE Superstars to travel with: “Usually I travel by myself, but in the past I had a great time with Gallows and Anderson.”

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