• Fans' Views of the Final Norteño

    The first leg of the Mexican Apertura Final takes place tonight in Torreon’s shiny new TSM Corona Stadium. I have enlisted the help of a few friends; two fans each […]

  • Brazil shows up, US waits for the other axe to fall

    Did you notice we actually shut out Brazil in the second half? That's not a compliment – it's a miracle. As we saw with our long-suffering eyes, that was a […]

  • The strange sale of Alberto Aquilani!

    In the words of the great Andrea Boccelli, it is “Time to say Goodbye” for Liverpool fans as £18m midfielder Alberto Aquilani was effectively sold to Juventus last week. The […]

  • CONCACAF Farce

    In case you missed last nights' CONCACAF Champions' League action, here's a pictorial summary: ​ The next time someone starts in about how the problem with the CONCACAF Champions League […]

  • Rocky Mountain Snoozefest

    Since I was otherwise occupied last weekend, I saw almost no live MLS soccer. So this weekend I was determined to watch every minute of every game which, fortunately, the […]

  • Will CONCACAF pull a CONMEBOL?

    The Concachampions Group stages are over. As it has happened in the two previous tournaments, all four Mexican sides have qualified for the quarterfinals. This time, though, there are two […]

  • Holland oats; or, Gullit the dogs out

    Disappointing, troubling, worrisome. If that's the form the team shows up with in June, it'll be a very, very short trip, and the repercussions will be terrible to behold. Too […]

  • Mexican Standoff

    It was gonna happen, but I didn’t think it was going to happen this quick. In a response to last week’s public spanking, Rafa Marquez sent a strongly worded letter […]

  • for wizards fans who have considered rebranding/when losing the rainbow is not enuf

    Someday, I hope a team makes two separate rebrands – one that will inevitably get leaked, that will serve as a decoy. And one that will actually be decent. That […]

  • Talk Soup

    Well, Cinco de County Mayo is over for another year. If only Patrick had kept the snakes and driven out the Irish. Stop me if I've told you that one. […]