• A big one that got away

    A fifth round of odd facts from American soccer history: —Imagine how American fans would react if something like this were to happen today: On March 7, 1965, the United […]

  • Cry for North Korea

    If by some chance you recorded this match for future viewing, be advised that I'm about to save you the trouble of watching. Unless you're a big fan of highlight […]

  • Much Adu

    It's funny how this blogging thing works out sometimes. For several days now I've been mentally cooking up a post about the predicament Americas' somewhat tarnished – and not-so-gently-aging – […]

  • River Deep, Mountain High

    I don't GET the Colorado Rapids sometimes. Their current roster seems built to not only survive, but dominate, in the Thrasymachean world of MLS. Not many teams have guys who […]

  • Sorry Arsene, there is no vendetta

    Let me start by saying that the injury to Aaron Ramsey was a horrible thing to happen and that I wish him a speedy recovery (I am a Wales fan, […]

  • Respect

    It's probably far from unique but the fact that the United States Soccer Federation is FINING EVERYONE IN SIGHT – including a $5000 hit on management and ownership – on […]

  • Don't worry! There is life after Rafa

    Today, the Rafa Benitez era of Liverpool’s history ended, with the manager leaving the club by mutual consent after the club agreed a financial settlement with him. /[/img]>/[/img]> Late last […]

  • In the Navy; or, It's a Thick Line Between Love and Hate

    This one, I love. It's not PERFECT. I'm not sure skinny white stripes instead of skinny red stripes wouldn't have looked better, although asking Nike to do three stripes would […]

  • A bunch of goo that a moment before was your best friend's face

    Okay, so, the other week Kenn called me an amoral situational ethicist. The reason it took me so long to respond was, I can't decide whether people like me are […]

  • Route 23

    The poster known as "projectx" on the Riot Squad boards – I dunno if he posts here or not – informs us that the Galaxy have clinched a playoff spot […]