Cactus Jack Appearing In TNA?, Referee Turning TNA Wrestler, D'Amore Helps Out

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— During the latest edition of Legends Roundtable on WWE 24/7 featuring Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Tazz and Jim Ross, they talked about factions in professional wrestling. Foley brought up how his “Union” faction from back in 1999 (featuring Vince McMahon, Big Show, Test and Ken Shamrock) didn’t work out too well. Foley said he can’t use about five different variations of the term “Union” for legal reasons if he ever left WWE, which he found funny. He also said WWE owns the the rights to “Mankind,” but he owns “Cactus Jack” – the persona he portrayed for a number of years before joining WWE. Considering that Foley owns the name, it opens up the opportunity for “Cactus Jack” to appear in TNA if they ever decide to go that route.

— TNA has plans for referee Shane Sewell to wrestle at some point, likely soon. TNA has actually had the idea for more than a year as Sewell was hired over a year ago for them to transition him from referee to wrestler – which is why he got hired in the first place. However, Sewell went back to Puerto Rico for a while, which delayed the angle. Sewell is 36 years old, from Canada, and has been wrestling since 1989. Sewell has largely wrestled in Puerto Rico throughout his career.

— Scott D’Amore, who recently parted ways with TNA, helped out backstage at Sunday’s No Surrender pay-per-view. He lives near the Toronto area. D’Amore’s good friends with Frank Trigg as he cornered him in his MMA fight with Makoto Takimoto for Sengoku on 8/24 in Saitama, Japan. D’Amore was his wrestling coach in TNA until his recent departure from the company.

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