Brandi Rhodes Confirms Major Name Has Signed on as AEW Women’s Coach

During The Women of AEW stage show at Starrcast lll, Brandi Rhodes revealed that Awesome Kong is actually working as a coach for the company.

Awesome Kong has so far only been used as an in-ring talent, working alongside Brandi Rhodes, but during the show, Rhodes confirmed that the wrestling veteran is also working as a coach for the women.

“I don’t think a lot of people know this yet, but I work very closely with our PR executive. Her name is Mandy O’Donnell, and she’s a crazy badass, too,” Brandi touted. “I mean, I’m not sure if everybody knows this too. Awesome Kong. She’s one of our coaches. She’s not just a competitor. She’s the female coach. So we’re getting there.”

As well as that, Brandi Rhodes spoke about how wrestling is considered to be ‘boys club’ and that is something that she is hoping to change.

“I’m in a tough spot. Because, forever, wrestling has been a boys club. The Bullet Club is a boys club, and I’m loosely associated with being part of the Bullet Club. It’s always tough to be the girl,” she said. “Matt, Nick, Cody, Kenny, they’re all best friends. I’m not. I’m Cody’s best friend. That’s it. So there’s a lot of work that has to be done by me to gain trust with that group. There’s a lot of, ‘just trust me. Let me do my job.’ That has to happen a lot.”

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