Austin On Cody Rhodes Leaving WWE At A Bad Time, Reigns Heel Turn

During the latest edition of Steve Austin’s weekly “Steve Austin Show” podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer shared his thoughts on Cody Rhodes leaving WWE right before the company’s brand split, what Roman Reigns needs to do to become a true top-level performer for WWE and more.

Below are some of the highlights of topics “The Rattlesnake” spoke about during the show, which you can download right now at

On Cody Rhodes leaving WWE right before the brand split, where he may have had a better opportunity for himself:

“Cody Rhodes decided to ride off into the sunset. He wasn’t happy with creative [and] he wasn’t happy that he couldn’t do what he wanted to do.” Austin continued, “his value would have been at an all-time high because of the brand split and they’re going to need all hands on deck. And so maybe him leaving wasn’t such a good idea, to take himself out of the picture, as he might have had a little bit more leverage or might have been used in a higher regard due to the brand split because they’re going to need all the talent they can muster.”

On Cody Rhodes’ future outside of WWE:

“I don’t see him in Japan. I love the kid. I love Cody. I think he’s a real talented guy, but where does he go from here if it’s going to be in the wrestling world?” Austin added, “I wish that guy all the luck. He’s a good kid and I’ve been friends with the [Rhodes] family forever. Dusty meant so much to my wrestling career and I used to travel the world with Dustin and I got to know Cody a little bit, so I wish the guy all the luck in the world.”

On Roman Reigns having a way to go before he’s a top money drawing performer for WWE:

“I think it’s more natural to him to be a heel or it will be if they go that route. But I think he can be a heel, but, to me, he [has] got another level to go just from the connection to the people to be a money heel or money baby rather than just being a heel or a baby because there’s a difference.”

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