Apparently Bobby Lashley Is Booking His Own Matches Now; Finn Balor Responds To Facing Lio Rush on WWE RAW

The advertised Intercontinental Championship match between Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor never took place on last night’s edition of WWE RAW, despite the company teasing it as a focal point of this week’s show.

Apparently Lashley just decided that he wasn’t going to defend his title, instead booking Balor in a match against his manager Lio Rush. There’s FOUR members of the McMahon family supposedly running this show, but the so-called “Almighty” can just opt to defend, or not to defend his title on a whim. Alright.

Anyways… Lashley attacked Balor before the match, specifically targeting his bandaged midsection and shoulder damaged during the recent Universal Championship car wreck against Brock Lesnar. Despite this, the former world champ managed to sneak out a victory and narrowly avoid another beating on his way to the back.

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Cameras caught up with Balor after the match for an interview you can watch below. While not confirmed at this time, it would appear that they are building up Lashley vs. Balor for the Intercontinental Championship at the upcoming WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.